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InChrist Communications


Founded in 2002, InChrist Communications derives its name from 2 Corinthians 5:17: “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold all things have become new.” (NKJV)

InChrist Communications is a lean, flat company that prides itself in keen stewardship of resources, which in turn provides great value to clients.  It serves an expansive group of organizations by employing an array of specialized, committed communications professionals strategically located around the country.   It has the network and flexibility to assemble ad hoc teams specifically tailored for clients and their projects.

Core services include branding, marketing, media relations/publicity, social media, digital marketing, crisis communications, advertising, creative services and special events.  The firm excels in strategic planning, creative concepts and solutions, tactical execution, adherence to timelines and budgets, demonstrable results and customer service.  It has strong, personal relationships with both Christian and mainstream media outlets and journalists.

InChrist Communications employs talented individuals who work in the following areas: branding/marketing, strategic planning, media relations/publicity, social media/digital services, client services, project management, business development and operations. Our employees take their work personally, as if it were their own. They strive to exceed expectations and delight clients.  This translates into top-notch, conscientious service and demonstrable results.

ICC Strengths

ICC has 18 years of experience working on behalf of a wide variety of faith-based clients – large international and national ministries, leading associations, businesses, authors and causes. Many of the company’s clients are large, global missions agencies. ICC knows the faith-based landscape, all the “camps,” and how to communicate to various Christian and secular audiences.

ICC operates as a virtual corporation. It serves a large group of clients and handles an expansive amount of work by contracting with a wide array of specialized, committed communications professionals strategically located around the country. This operating model allows the company to keep overhead low and labor costs tied to performed-work only. It also allows the company the flexibility to assemble dedicated, ad hoc teams of professionals specifically tailored to client and project needs.

The experience of the agency’s team includes work in academia, the media/practicing journalism, business and technology worlds, leading NGOs and missions organizations, and the entertainment industry.

ICC’s heart and goal is to exceed client expectations. We are good stewards of client resources and funds – and we respect the value of a dollar. ICC’s hours are not expended casually, but are hard-charging, do-more-than-you-get-paid-for hours.
When clients hire ICC, they also get the company’s “A-Team,” which includes the company’s founder and CEO — not a team managed by junior account personnel.
Creative Services/content creation is where ICC especially excels. Starts with great concepts, superior writing and engaging graphic design.